Aurelie Perthuis (aka Lily) is a french born painter / designer living in Australia since 2004. She has been commissioned in various art projects including exhibitions in Sydney with Piermarq gallery, the 2014 Sydney Art Festival organised by the Powerhouse museum, and the Chippendale New World Art Prize and has won many awards in Design and Arts such as the Excellence in Design and Illustration Award in 2015. See Gallery published by The Australian
Her work was also featured in the 2010 Semi-Permanent book, a few magazines, the TOP design TV shows and various blogs.
When she is not painting, she works as a lead designer for publishing / media companies.

Lily is also the co-founder of an art project called Endcount.
More info here: http://www.piermarq.com.au/exhibition/endcount/

Lily has a passion for art, lifestyle, conservation, wildlife and storytelling and maintains a strong link between her digital design work and physical art. She is a figurative expressionist painter with a love for vibrant colours and black lines to suggest emotions.

“As a figurative painter, I mainly depict the human-animal interaction in our modern society through the making of art. Our fast-paced modern world doesn’t always allow us to experience an intimate connection with the natural world we are hoping to save.” Lily Perthuis