My volunteering experience in Thailand

Tuesday the 10th: Here I am, with my backpack ready to jump on the plane for Thailand. I was very much looking forward to sharing this experience with my best friend. She lives in France.
And there here we are in Bangkok.
After a crazy night in Bangkok (where we barely slept!), a car came to take us to the WFFT centre. The Centre was located within Thayang in the Phetchaburi province of Thailand about 160 km south of Bangkok. It was a fairly remote location, not far from a small village situated alongside a large lake.
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New York New York by Lilyartist using Paper by Fifty Three

New York New York

“Taxi, taxi! ” it was 2.30pm in the afternoon in NYC, 40 degrees near fifth avenue. “Can we please go to Grand Soho hotel?” I said with my french accent.
The driver switched on the air conditioning and turned on the radio, it was Bill Evans, a soft, gentle jazz melody. We drove around the busy and noisy streets of NY; the big skyscrapers, the stunning art deco buildings that run the length of 42nd street, the fashionable shops, jazz clubs, the restaurants, I saw thousands of taxis, billboards AND people everywhere.

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My meeting with Daniel O’Toole aka ‘Ears’

It was in 2011 when I met Daniel O’toole, aka ‘ears’ in his studio located in the Look Print building, no. 249 Parramatta Rd. Leichardt level 3. It was actually my friend who heard that A STREET art collective studio will be open for visitors to wander in and snoop around on the 28th Aug. The collectives included artists such as Numskull, Beastman, Max berry, Bennett, Birdhat, Tom Ferson, Mark Alsweiler, Phibs and Daniel O’Toole, aka ‘Ears’.
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tools / apps

I often get the question what tools/ apps I use.
Nowadays it’s important that you remain open to exploring new tools, this is part of the creative process, this is how you create your own style. It’s with experiments, iterations, attempts, trials, and errors that you will succeed.
The stereotype of artists sitting around and waiting for inspiration to strike them is not always true, you are much better off getting into a routine of working on your art hence why I started the onedrawingaday1 project.

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18th Biennale of Sydney

I know what you’re all thinking. August is coming, which means that you still have 2 more cold months and you are feeling depressed at the mere idea of staying at home, and hibernate like a bear in its cave.

Well… think again, because 5 places in your city have opened their doors to give you the best art festival, and it’s all for FREE.
Here is an idea for your next Sunday, whether you’re alone, with friends or your family, you will very much enjoy the experience.

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