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- ‘WAKE SURF’. Acrylic on canvas 1m50 x 1m50
Owner: Julia (Switzerland)

- ‘AUSTRALIA’ ‘COCO’ ‘ OWLIE’ ‘BIRDY’. Acrylic on canvas
Owner: Kim Vittorelli

- ‘Marie-Antoinette’. 45x60cm. Acrylic on paper.
Owner: Emilien Cousin.

- ‘Daria’. 75x100cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Mr Wong

- ‘Leo’. 75x75cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Miss D’Anchald

- Scarlett. 75x100cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Life Interiors, Pyrmont

- ‘Aux Batifolles’. Acrylic on linen canvas. 2 paintings 150x200cm
Owner: ‘Aux Batifolles restaurant’ Melbourne

- ‘Opera’. 75x50cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Miss Erin Monteiro

- ‘The Rise of the Eagle’. 150x200cm. Acrylic, mixed media on linen canvas.
Owner: Mr David Brudenell

- ‘Cam, Linda and the blue cat.’ 75x50cm. Acrylic on paper
Owner: Miss Linda Mclean

- ‘Wild’. 75x50cm. Acrylic on paper
Owner: Mr Xavier Decheres

- ‘Elena’. 75x50cm. Illustration on paper
Owner: Mr Amallou

- ‘Polar Bear’. 45x45cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Mags

- ‘Pauly’ the Polar Bear. 75x100cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Lena Hashem

- ‘Baru’ the tiger. 75x100cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Anna Dadello.

- ‘Matti’ the Rabbit. 75x60cm. Acrylic on linen canvas
Owner: Irena Macri


Honors & Awards

- 2014: Piermarq Gallery. Endcount project. 3 weeks solo show from 27.03 to 17.04

- 2013: digital group show at SCOPE Miami Art Fair. FINALIST.

- 2013: Chippendale New World Art Prize: FINALIST.

- 2013 DesignForChange: WINNER

- 2012 AIMIA Awards: FINALIST Team

- PANPA Award : WINNER Team

- 2011 NEWS Awards 2011: FINALIST

- 2011 AIMIA Awards: FINALIST

- 2010 NEWS Awards: FINALIST


- 2009 Ministry of Sound art comp: FINALIST

- 2009 News creative awards: FINALIST

- 2008 News creative awards: FINALIST

- 2003 TOP COM award : WINNER Team

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